Concept team

In new product development, BQB’s concept team of experts strives to look into the future and clearly visualize your ideas. While building innovative products, we offer out-of-box vision. We never let traditional market stereotypes misguide us. Our ultimate goal is to equip your firm with competitive advantages and set forth new trends.

First Private Brewery online “My Brewery”

First Private Brewery online “My Brewery”.

Alternative visual concept for the Ded Vodka

Against a general crisis of good design ideas in the vodka industry, we think that usage of large images and illustrations on vodka labels is a bold creative decision, which can help set the brand apart the competitors.

Perfectly tidy

As a part of conceptual trainings held by BQB agency, our designer Galima Ahmetzyanova has come up with a fresh idea of a washing powder package design, which could possibly be launched for a private label chain.

The White & White concept implies the idea of perfect cleanness, while the Color & Color pouch fits for the colored clothing.

Without any additional on-pack graphic elements, the packaging looks as simple as a plain fabric pouch (white or colored).

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Fancy the Dino!’s bite?

Can you imagine how strong a dinosaur’s bite was? At BQB, we’re sure the bite was really strong, thus these creatures must have had very strong teeth.

As a result of our conceptual training series, BQB’s designer Galima Akhmetzyanova came up with a great idea to create a gum package shaped like dinosaur Dino’s jaws.

Alternative branding for Whiskas and Pedigree

While pet products branding and packaging usually targets their owners, not pets themselves, our designer Dmitriy Kuznetsov suggests an alternative vision of Whiskas and Pedigree packs, showing how cats and dogs might have wanted their food to look like.

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Welcome to Heaven: sarcastic precaution

While the U.S. government has already banned smoking in public places, as well as using of attractive package designs for cigarettes, Russia still welcomes bright packs, though, containing some cautions, like “Smoking leads to diseases and death”.

Who knows if these ‘black labels’ really catch people’s attention. Nobody really cares about such moderate cautions, that’s why BQB’s creative concept team has decided to turn serious things into fun.

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